Monday, April 04, 2005

Some Good News For A Change

The Pope has finally succumbed to his various health issues this Saturday, which means the rebels finally have a real chance of defeating the Empire.

His Papal Majesty, who has been described as a "forward-thinking" and "just" leader of the Catholics, had been on a deathwatch for much of the last week. Unfortunately, the Terri Shiavo case had eclipsed Pope John Paul II's own problems. Many Christians were too busy dreaming up assassination plots for Terri's husband, Michael, and his attorney to pay attention to the Big Guy in the Vatican. Consequently, the death of the Pope wasn't as big a bang as he may have wished.

The weird thing to consider here is this; while Terri Shiavo wasted away slowly in her body for 15 years when it was her desire to be pulled off life support if she were ever in the position to be on life support in the first place, the Pope, who was also being fed through a feeding tube, asked only once to be released, and it was so. There were no giant protests, there were no crazy Christians oiling up their sniper rifles. He was allowed to die with dignity. He was allowed to make his own choice and die as he wanted. Terri wasn't given that option. I guess that says something about Catholics, and a lot more about Christians.

But anyway, the Pope is dead. Now we can get a new Pope who hopefully has a more open-minded stance on many of the issues worrying the church today. But probably not.


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