Monday, October 18, 2004

Death Of A Saleswoman?

Betty Hill has passed this last Sunday night, and with her a whole chapter on the alien abduction phenomenon which grew to it's present intensity from her first-hand accounts for being taken aboard a ship with her husband back in 1961. Betty and Barney Hill were the first to report the diminuitive grey aliens we are so familiar with todays abduction reports. And while so many of the current reports are most likey to be 99% hype and 0% evidence, The Hills' account seems to ring true.

They described their encounter in a no-nonsense way way back in the winter of 1964, three full years after their initial encounter. They had had problems sleeping and were having random nervous attacks, so they went to a therapist who decided to hypnotize then in order to dig out whatever deep-seated memories they were blocking that were causing problems in their lives. He got more than he bargained for.

Barney and Betty went into considerable detail through their sessions af being taken aboard a strange ship and being medically examined by "short, greyish humanoids" who seeked to communicate through telepathy and wanted sperm and egg samples from their captors.

Sound familiar?
That's because almost every alien abduction story told since the Hills' has been cut almost scene-for-scene from Barney and Betty's story. Out of the thousands of abduction stories out there, the Hills stand out as seeming the most genuine, along with the Travis Walton story from Arizona, the Pascagoula abduction and the Kelly Goblin story out of Hopkinsville, KY.

Really, only Betty Hill knew whether she was telling the truth as she knew it. And now that story has died with her. With all the strong characters of Ufology dying, what are we going to be left with?

Nothing but stupid rumors and crappy "researchers" who only try to sell books, not attempt to solve the mystery. And that's why everyone laughs at people believe in UFO's. Our representatives are all fucking idiots and egomaniacs. I'm surprised they lasted this long.


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