Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Jeb's Stormtroopers Mobilize

Que the ominous music. It seems that elderly black absentee voters in the Sunshine State are being interrogated by state police officers over a secretive investigation. This, of course, has freaked out the black absentee voting population in Florida.

The officers have only said that they are investigating a possible voter fraud scheme during the mayoral elections in Orlando this March. This is a running problem in Florida, and should be more closely looked at. But, somehow, I think this issue doesn't stem from the Orlando League of Voters. Yet they are the ones with the most focus on them.

Back in the infancy of the Equal Rights movement, black voters created these leagues in order to fortify the black vote in states with a long history of oppression. While the bulk of this oppression has faded, the leagues have remained. They stand as a testimonial of the desire for the black population to make their voices heard in a region where they are not always made to feel welcome. Even though we dragged them here to begin with, but I digress.

Now, this league has become the focal point of this mysterious investigation. The state police department have been pretty hush-hush about the particulars of said investigation, but have at least admitted to focusing on this particular group of people. Why? Well, supposedly it was all by chance. I smell bullshit, don't you?

Like the article states, this smells ripe with the sticky sweet smell of voter suppression. If you can't get away with screwing around with the electronic voter machines, then scare the bejeesus out of the only vehemently Democratic population in your state to sway the vote in favor of your imbecilic brother. Or am I reading to much into this?

Read the article for yourself, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that your police force cannot be bought by a particular party like Florida can. Unless you live in Florida. Then, stock up on fire extinguishers, because this isn't going to get any better.


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