Tuesday, June 29, 2004

What's Gaelic for "Let Me Finish"?

Bush's handlers(see: Karl Rove) really fucked up when they let Irish journalist Carole Coleman dig into Dubya about his handling of the War On Terrorism. Their sloppy foray into the non-White House Press Corps journalist pile has resulted in an international image of a president who can't finish answering questions without swerving into empty statements. Carole Coleman, who was conducting an interview for RTE, asked some pointed questions of our leader. His answers felt so prescripted, that he couldn't even let her interject without losing his place. He asked her to stop interrupting him no less than five times, and while this may sound like typical rudeness on it's surface for Ms. Coleman, if you watch the video, you can see that she is not being any more aggressive than the normal press corps that Dubya is used to. Except for the fact that she wasn't afraid of him.

While on the outset our fearless leader seems to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, he is quickly knocked off-balance by the successive questions asked of him by this Irish correspondent. He refuses to be derailed by her honest questioning, constantly asking her to allow him to answer first, then she can follow up with further questions if she wishes. The problem is, he never fully answers the questions. While we are used to this sort of "softwalling", the Irish(in their infinite wisdom and glory), don't put up with this sort of shite. The boghopping bastards want answers, not rhetorical questions. And this leaves our president looking like an asshole. Big surprise, eh?

This interview will surely be cast as an example of how poorly the foreign media treats international leaders with their "tabloid" approach to interviews. I urge you to watch this for yourselves(start the RealMedia feed about 20 minutes in) and see for yourself. It sure ain't Fahrenheit 9/11, but it still paints a picture of a man who is no longer sure of his own actions.


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