Monday, June 28, 2004

We out! Peace!

Last night the U.S. handed over power to Iraq. U.S. Administrator Paul Bremer gave the necessary legal documents to an Iraqi judge in a small ceremony, and got the hell out of there. This move was intended to avoid any sort of nightmare terrorist attack that could wipe out the entire interim government. Prime Minister Iyad Allawi was sworn in, and can now officially kiss his ass goodbye. Although we all knew this day was going to come, it still feels sort of like we are bugging out on this new government. Of course, we're not. Our troops will be there as long as it takes for the new government to stabilize, which means until they are killed by a car bomb or until Hell freezes over.

How long will it be until the current administration is summarily wiped out by attacks? Probably damn quick. But, hopefully there will be a calming aspect to this power shift, and all the Iraqi militants will see this as a victory over the infidel swine. Then the killing might finally stop.

Yeah, right.


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