Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Return Of The Living Dead

I don't fucking believe it! Andy Kaufman had said that if he did not really die in 1984 from cancer, that he would come back twenty years later. This would cement his status as the greatest performance of all time. Well, if this isn't a hoax, then he accomplished his mission.

Andy says that he won't be returning to the limelight, as he has grown comfortable with the low-key life he has been leading these past two decades. He has a blog up on this very same network, where you can follow his rebirth and some of the stories he has been keeping all this time. I feel like we're neighbors. I wonder how The Cliftons are going to react.

I still don't quite believe it, but his re-emergence feels sincere. I'll keep you posted, or you can just bookmark his site and see for yourself.


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