Wednesday, May 26, 2004

John Ashcroft Can't Shut Up

Why is it that anyone even listens to this guy anymore? Ashcroft cites public statements and "intelligence" reports from the U.S. as pointing towards an imminent attack on the country this summer. While there are obvious political ramifications to such a terror risk, one can only wonder why anyone listens to this asshole in the first place. The last I heard, President Bush was busy raking Ashcroft over the coals because of his faulty information concerning Iraq's WMD. Although, ultimately, it's Bush's responsibility to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to informing the people about the reasons for war, Dubya let Ashcroft swing for bad intel. Then, when the prison abuse scandal broke out, Bush pushed his favorite sacrificial lamb out once again to take the bullets. Then he was big enough to state that Ashcroft was doing a bang-up job on ridding the democratic world from tyranny. Now, we hear from him once again about really old intelligence about a summer attack, and the familiar faces are thrown up on our televisions. These insurgents have been touted every single time that we get a heightened state of alert. And not only have they not been seen in the U.S., which is weird considering that almost every person profiled on America's Most Wanted get picked up within the week, but we are supposed to think that by profiling these terrorists, that somehow we are immune to attack.

The real horror of the War On Terror is that we have been a target for a long time. The longer that we meddle in the affairs of other highly religious countries, the brighter the target we paint on ourselves. I'm not saying that we should withdraw from all foreign skirmishes, I'm just saying that we should really review our stances before we send in our troops. Part of the reason that America is so hated by the Islamic community is our unflappable support of Israel. I understand that the Jews have gone through a lot and deserve a break from persecution, but it is obvious that they don't feel the same way. You can argue with me on this point as much as you like, but numbers don't lie. The Israelis have killed more Palestinians with American supplied arms than you can count, and we still say we take a "hands off" approach to Middle Eastern policies? That's just plain bullshit.

I know that being the world's biggest superpower means that you have to babysit the rest of the planet, but there is a difference between making sure everyone plays fair and taking sides. We have taken sides for far too long, and it has blown up in our faces.

Do I have an "exit strategy" for this problem? No. Neither does anyone else. When you step that far into a pile of shit, there is no option but to take a stick and scrape it off. Where is this analogy going? Damned if I know. But if you touch me with that stick, I'll kick your ass. Oh, and John Ashcroft is a lying asshole.


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