Monday, May 24, 2004

Bush Will Try And Save Face By Eating Into Monday Primetime

President Bush will go on the air tonight to try and convince a skeptical American public that his plan for turning over Iraq to the Iraqis will work. Although no changes have been made for the transition, and we still haven't made a firm date for the turnover, Bush is trying to patch up his approval rating to the American people after the prison abuse scandal fairly shredded it. This means that "Fear Factor" will probably be pre-empted by a thirty-five minute "It Ain't So Bad" speech.

But, really, who could blame him? No recent president has ever won a re-election with such poor marks this far into an election year. With the haunting possibility that the *gasp* Democrats may get back in the White House, I'm surprised that he hasn't just declared Martial Law or decided to name himself king.

Bush will also try and sway the international community to help bring about a peaceful transfer of power. I'm sure the U.N. wants to get involved now that we have done such a good job of convincing the Iraqi people that western interests are only there to help.


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