Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It seems like things are really starting to boil over out in Fallujah. Marines have been engaged in some of the fiercest firefights since the war has been declared over these last three days, and as the body count rises, we all shake our heads and wonder how it all went wrong.

We have all seen the pictures of four American security contractors desecrated by a group of anti-Yankee dumbasses who even mugged for the cameraman while standing next to their handiwork. I guess they thought that coalition forces would decide to leave this Iraqi city alone because they had killed a carload of ex-Marines. Well, guess what? Things have not worked out that way. The Marines have decided to lay siege to this city, even going as far as destroying a mosque with a 500 lb. bomb. I had thought that a reaction like this by American forces was a terribly bad idea. Sure, American civilians had been attacked and mutilated, their bodies hung from a bridge, but if we punished the entire town, we would look like fascists. The four Americans killed would be completely overshadowed by the many Fallujah citizens killed by indiscriminate bombing by a vengeful foreign military. I was right. Not only have 40 civilians been killed by the large bomb we dropped on that mosque, but uprisings have been sparked all across Iraq.

America is still committed to withdrawing from Iraq on July 30, but these attacks seem destined to push back that date, as we won't readily hand over the keys while there is still fighting in the streets. Edward Kennedy recently said that the Iraq war was "Bush's Vietnam", and he may be right. I can't see any resolution or peaceful transition for this country while a holy war is about to begin on it's soil.


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