Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Yesterday was a day of mourning for the indigenous pigeons of Taiwan as some 5,000 of their kin were drowned while being transported to a pigeon race. No, I'm not making this up.

My first question is, "pigeon races"? I guess some people will bet on anything. While the loss of some five thousand thoroughbred flying rats could be a setback, there happen to be tens of thousands of pigeons just in my neighborhood that you guys could come and take. No, really! Take them all, if you need them. They might not be the best racers now, but with a little training and a good diet, who knows?

I think that what they may have stumbled onto was one hell of a way to control the pigeon population. If only people around here would do the same, we would all be happier. It would have been better if they had lost 10,000 though.

Yeah, I know, this entry sucked. I'm tired, so blow me. I'll try again tomorrow.


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