Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dr. Condoleeza Rice has finally received the go-ahead from the Bush Administration to give public testimony under oath to the 9/11 panel. Will there be any earth-shattering revelations during this testimony? Probably not, considering that Dr. Rice has been basically telling the press everything that she tells the president in confidence since 9/11 anyway. She has already been put out as a sacrificial lamb once by this administration when she claimed that the breakdown in intelligence with regards to WMDs in Iraq started with her. Nobody bought that line, and they shouldn't buy what she shills under oath this time either. The Dubya Administration does such a good job of clouding over the facts, and Dr. Rice will undoubtedly claim "executive privilege" on the most salient points the conspiracy theorists are salivating over, that the resulting testimony will be a bland rehashing of the same old song. Now, if she claims that she had no idea that terrorists had the idea to use planes as bombs under oath, she might be in a world of trouble. There are FBI intelligence briefs from as far back as 1991 stating exactly this. She should really change her answer to, " Well, I knew they had talked about it, but who would have believed they would have actually done it?"

Dubya and Cheney have also elected to provide public testimony to the 9/11 panel, presumably to take the torch out of Sen. John Kerry's hand. If they stand in front of the American public and state that they had no previous knowledge of the attack, then most of the public will buy it, and the administration will go on to fuck over the country for another four years by doctoring the books and rewriting history so Bush looks like a man of action, and no the pussy who froze like a deer caught in headlights by the news that the attacks were underway. Then he ran to Air Force One and flew around for twelve hours without contact with the American people, leaving us all in the dark. Shit, if Mayor Rudy had the balls to walk the streets of NYC immediately after the attacks, then Bush could have at least pulled out of his foxhole long enough to give us the thumbs-up, I'm-still-okay speech from aboard his flying fortress. He could have also explained why his administration gave the "stand down" order to the Air Force in regards to intercepting the planes, when they were free to scramble after Payne Stewart's private plane after it strayed a mere 50 miles out of it's flight path barely a year before. And there is also the small matter of Khalid Sheikh-Mohammed, the moneyman behind the attacks, with obvious ties to the Saudis. This avenue is never really investigated, and when you think about all the support he had received for terrorist activities previous to 9/11 came from the House of Saud, it makes you think of what their involvement in the 9/11 attacks really were. I'd love to see how Bush answers some pointed questions about his families ties with these people, and why any information pointing to their support of Sheikh-Mohammed is quietly brushed aside as "immaterial".

Well, we can hope that these questions are answered. We can also hope that money starts raining from the sky, and there is peace in the Middle East. That's what hope is for.


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