Thursday, February 12, 2004

President Bush has decided not to ask Congress for funding for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan until December or January. This wouldn't be such a big issue, but the funds that the military have now to fight this War On Terror will run out at the end of September. That basically leaves our military broke for three months!

Why would Bush, who so often claims that the War On Terror is this administration's first priority, allow such a thing to happen? Well, the last time that Bush asked Congress for this additional funding-which is not a part of the Pentagon's normal budget-his approval rating took a precipitous drop. Dubya and Sen. John Kerry's approval ratings are very close, so asking for this money so close to election time would most likely sink his chances at a second term.

Donald Rumsfeld claimed that the administration just needed some time to get a better idea of how much money will actually be needed to support our ongoing efforts abroad. But they didn't have any problems last year when they asked for $87 billion. The only issue was Bush's approval rating. As you can probably guess, Bush is going to lose a lot of military votes as a result of this. Good thing for him the internet voting system they were working on has been shelved.

If there weren't reasons enough to hate this guy, now he fucks over our armed forces. Does he really think doing something like this is going to help his career? He must have some plan to once again steal the election, because in all honesty, I don't think I could respect anybody who votes for him after this.


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