Monday, February 23, 2004

Hi! Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I have been pretty busy with work and social engagements, so the blog has suffered. Sorry about that. I just wanted to pop in and comment on the recent goings-on in San Francisco concerning same-sex marriages.

San Francisco's mayor, Gavin Newsome(hope I spelled that right), has decided to uphold the flurry of same-sex marriage licenses given out by the city since Valentine's Day. It finally gives some folks some legal rights that they should have been given long ago in a city a progressive as this. There was no time to wonder if the partner was "the right one" this time around. You had to hussle your ass down to City Hall and get it done before the bigwigs decided to enforce state law, which does not recognize these types of unions. Of course, this is what happened. Our own Governator has stepped in and laid down the law, stating that the law clearly says that marriage is defined as a union between a man and woman. Everyone else can only get a Declaration of Domestic Partnership.

This same meathead has decided to fight the Constitution's mandate that only natural-born Americans can become President of the US. I'd hate to resort to foul language or using dialog from one of his many films, but fuck you, asshole! The reasons you use to legitimize a change to this law are exactly the same ones that could be used to legitimize a union between two people who love each other. So you've been in this country for over twenty years. There are plenty of gay couples who have been together for at least that long. So you have been a hard-working American since you've been sworn in. What have they been doing, trying to overthrow the government?
" First, we'll start with TLC, then we'll overtake all the programming on Bravo. Next stop, MSNBC! We've got this presidential election in our pockets now!"
Why would you want to be the governor of the most progressive state in the union and still be such a fuckwad? Just because you're doing a better job than Gray Davis, that doesn't mean your doing a good job. It sounds like Arnie has decided to take up the Christian flag that his Republican cronies have reluctantly been bearing since Dubya has stolen office, and it will not sit well with the voters when he comes up for election. Like he gives a shit.

Why did I start on this unfocused tirade? I just can't stand it when civil rights are crushed because of intolerance or simple shortsightedness. Laws like this are not only out of date, but demoralizing to a lot or registered voters. Let people who have people who love them reap the fringe benefits. I think that is a Helen Reddy song.

Oh, and Marcia Barlow can blow it out her ass.


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