Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well, I picked up my computer yesterday. Guess what? They erased everything on it for no apparent reason. I had called the store on Saturday to find out what was the diagnosis, and they claimed that it "was working perfectly" when they put it up on the bench. I asked them to repeat this.

"It booted right up when we plugged it in, but we'll leave it on the bench for the rest of the day, just to be sure it's okay." Now, I have already stated that the computer was obviously screwed up, what with constantly rebooting and all, but somehow it had healed itself in the ensuing days with no help from the repairfolk. My head was swimming from this revelation, but I maintained my composure and agreed that a couple more hours of "burn in" testing would be the right thing to do.

I ended up leaving my computer there until Monday morning. When I walked in, I asked the only repair troll there what the person who worked on my computer had found. It turns out that he didn't leave any notes whatsoever on the repair. Now, if he didn't do anything to the PC in the first place, this would not seem so unusual. But this did not turn out to be so.

I asked the troll to put my PC up once more so I could see it boot up without any problems. They have a monitor that points out to the customer so you can see what they are doing and, hopefully, not find your porn while checking out your settings. Not that I would have porn on my computer, but I didn't want them to find it, anyway. When they booted it up, I was greeted by the standard Windows XP desktop. No problem, except for the fact that I had a completely different desktop on my system when I brought it in. A decidedly non-standard Windows XP desktop, with actual programs and documents. I questioned this and received this reply: "Well, I guess they reinstalled the operating system."

Ohhh! That's why! Of course, if you reinstall the OS, it usually keeps the settings. Not to mention that they told me they didn't do anything with the computer, it simply booted up. Not only that, but now the cool neon light inside the case, which up until this time glowed with it's own steady light, now flickers randomly. It's as if it is lighting up in response to something in the computer, like the drive is spinning up, but there is another light on the case which performs this function, and they are nowhere near in synch. Of course, when I picked up my computer, neither the Repairs Manager or the troll who worked on my computer were there, so now I'm left with a blank computer, and lots of lost documents. One of which was my resume.

I was going to keep the name of the store I went to secret until I was either satisfied or incensed by the repair. I can now safely say it is the latter. So if you decide to go to Central Computers on Stevens Creek Boulevard for any repairs, understand that you have been warned!

Now I must put this thing back together and, quite possibly, begin crying for lost programs.


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