Monday, January 12, 2004

How is it that we are having another gas hike? Don't we, like, the second largest oil supply in the world? I mean, I know we don't literally "own" Iraq's oilfields, but we did invade their country and overthrow their government. In my eyes, the oil should be considered "spoils of war". I thought that was the whole fucking reason we were out there. Don't' give me that "imminent threat to our nation" bullshit. And I am sick of hearing the whole WMD crap, as well. Not even the President believes that anymore. Lower gas prices were the whole reason I supported the war over there. If we can't start using that oil, we are gonna be screwed.

What good is it to take over a country if you can't use their resources? Half of the people in Iraq don't even own a car! Most of them just ride around in donkey-driven carts! What a waste. OPEC is stating that because crude oil is traded in US dollars, that it's member nations are bringing in lower revenues in oil. Jeez, that's too bad. I can see two possible fixes for this. The first is we simply claim Iraqi oil as ours. This will not only fix our problems at home with our immense debt, but will give us something new to sell abroad. The second is to start invading the OPEC nations and taking their oil, as well. Hey, if you're gonna be an asshole, be a BIG one!


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