Saturday, January 10, 2004

Bush has attacked the Democrats for their desires to rescind the tax cuts that Bush had enacted in the last three years. These cuts will supposedly save the American taxpayers almost two trillion dollars over ten years, and are allegedly the reason the economy is going to well these days. The problem is, the tax cuts are gutting our economy by not feeding the immense deficit our great land has built up in the last three years. This deficit will grow to over $3 trillion in ten years, so that tax cut money would have come in handy.

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved getting that check in the mail a couple of years ago from the car tax, but I would have gladly gave it back if I knew what kind of condition our country would be in today. Don't let Bush blow smoke up your ass, the economy is not bouncing back permanently. It is just being dressed up for the elections. I personally have not seen that many additional jobs out there, and there has been alot of talk recently about international creditors questioning America's ability to pay off it's debt. This should be sending up big red flags in the Bush camp, but Dubya still believes that he did the right thing. This is what it usually boils down to: The Republicans cut taxes so the rich will vote for them. Then, when the economy is sufficiently dragged through the mud, the Democrats come back in and clean things up. Once things look good again, the Republicans start voting for their horses again, and we get screwed all over again. Don't believe me? Look back in recent history. Reagan's Supply Side Economics chewed the ass out of our economy, and Bush the First pulled us into the first war with Iraq. Clinton got into office and produced the longest sustained economic expansion in U.S. history. Finally, we had some money in our coffers to start paying off the crippling debt built up in the previous two administrations. But Dubya pissed it all away with tax cuts, and now we're in deep shit again. Will he get another term? Probably, with Dean being the only real hopeful on the Democrat side. But let's still pray. It's all we have left.

Consider it my little "faith based initiative".


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