Monday, January 26, 2004

Breakdancing has just become much holier. The Big Kahuna himself, Pope John Paul II, had decreed that since artistic talent is a gift form God, and breakdancing is an art, that breakdancers are on the right side of the Big Man. This came as the Pope was treated to a breakdancing exhibition in the Vatican. As the breakers poplocked their way into heaven, the Pope waved his hands feebly and clapped after each dance. Now, if only Ozone and Turbo were there, they quite possibly would have been canonized on the spot.

I guess this means that "Beat Street" is now a blessed piece of work. No word yet on the piousness of "Rappin' Hood" though.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well, I picked up my computer yesterday. Guess what? They erased everything on it for no apparent reason. I had called the store on Saturday to find out what was the diagnosis, and they claimed that it "was working perfectly" when they put it up on the bench. I asked them to repeat this.

"It booted right up when we plugged it in, but we'll leave it on the bench for the rest of the day, just to be sure it's okay." Now, I have already stated that the computer was obviously screwed up, what with constantly rebooting and all, but somehow it had healed itself in the ensuing days with no help from the repairfolk. My head was swimming from this revelation, but I maintained my composure and agreed that a couple more hours of "burn in" testing would be the right thing to do.

I ended up leaving my computer there until Monday morning. When I walked in, I asked the only repair troll there what the person who worked on my computer had found. It turns out that he didn't leave any notes whatsoever on the repair. Now, if he didn't do anything to the PC in the first place, this would not seem so unusual. But this did not turn out to be so.

I asked the troll to put my PC up once more so I could see it boot up without any problems. They have a monitor that points out to the customer so you can see what they are doing and, hopefully, not find your porn while checking out your settings. Not that I would have porn on my computer, but I didn't want them to find it, anyway. When they booted it up, I was greeted by the standard Windows XP desktop. No problem, except for the fact that I had a completely different desktop on my system when I brought it in. A decidedly non-standard Windows XP desktop, with actual programs and documents. I questioned this and received this reply: "Well, I guess they reinstalled the operating system."

Ohhh! That's why! Of course, if you reinstall the OS, it usually keeps the settings. Not to mention that they told me they didn't do anything with the computer, it simply booted up. Not only that, but now the cool neon light inside the case, which up until this time glowed with it's own steady light, now flickers randomly. It's as if it is lighting up in response to something in the computer, like the drive is spinning up, but there is another light on the case which performs this function, and they are nowhere near in synch. Of course, when I picked up my computer, neither the Repairs Manager or the troll who worked on my computer were there, so now I'm left with a blank computer, and lots of lost documents. One of which was my resume.

I was going to keep the name of the store I went to secret until I was either satisfied or incensed by the repair. I can now safely say it is the latter. So if you decide to go to Central Computers on Stevens Creek Boulevard for any repairs, understand that you have been warned!

Now I must put this thing back together and, quite possibly, begin crying for lost programs.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Hey everybody! Today I'm am going to do something so out of left field, you might just think you're reading somebody else's blog! Buckle the fuck up!

I'm going to talk about something that happened in my life! I know, I know. You have come to expect stupid and uninformed comments on the world at large here, but I haven't let you peek into my life in quite a while. Believe me, it isn't that interesting.

January 9th of last year, I bought a new PC. Not just any PC, but a real monster. It had EVERYTHING! Tons of memory, a kickass video card, the case even glowed blue! Pretty sweet, you know, if you like things that glow blue. But, alas, it did not last. The night before last, as I was chillin' with Mikey from Insolence, it suddenly hung. This has never happened to it before, so I was a little worried. I quickly pushed the "reset" button, thus starting an endless loop of reboots that could only be stopped by unplugging the poor thing. Well, I was crushed. I am unemployed, and don't really have the money to fix the damn thing. So, I called the computer store where I bought it and told them the story. The Repairs Manager told me that since it was so close to the warranty running out(I had a one year warranty, if you couldn't figure that out), they would honor it anyway if, IF, the problem was with the system itself, and not something I had done.

Seems pretty cool, eh? Well, when I brought it into the store, the manager I talked to was nowhere to be found. I told the repair trolls what had happened and what the manager said, and all I got was noncommittal grunts. I didn't expect anything more from trolls. Then, when I handed the case over, the lead troll looks at it and says, "Well, it's pretty dusty, isn't it?". As if dust had made it seize up. I have been around computers all my life, both dusty and clean. I have seen computers with actual mice living in them. I shit you not! And never have I seen a computer die because of it. They are built sturdier than that. Also, the way he said it made it sound like my aversion to dusting was some sort of warranty breaker. I call shenanigans!

I left the computer there anyway. What could I do? Just bring a $2000 computer home and let is sit there because some shitheel at the store has better maintenance habits than me? I figure when I go and get it, if they tell me that I owe $200 for repairs, I will cause a huge scene. Then they HAVE to give it to me, or deal with the very real possibility of me striking outside of their store for the next month. Like I said, I am unemployed. My days are free. But this is not the end of the story.

Wondering how I am typing this right now? Well, My old computer, which I thought I had cannibalized for parts last year, has been sitting in my livingroom as a TV stand all this while. I opened the case and found out that all the parts were still in it. So, I hooked her up, and guess what? Yep, she works like a charm! Just when I was going to go to Big 5 and get me shotgun for a little Hemingway signoff, I get this old dinosaur up and running. Now, I wouldn't really kill myself because I had no computer, but I might just kill someone else. If I can't play Counterstrike on computer, I will play it in the streets. So let's just be glad that it didn't come to that.

Monday, January 12, 2004

How is it that we are having another gas hike? Don't we, like, the second largest oil supply in the world? I mean, I know we don't literally "own" Iraq's oilfields, but we did invade their country and overthrow their government. In my eyes, the oil should be considered "spoils of war". I thought that was the whole fucking reason we were out there. Don't' give me that "imminent threat to our nation" bullshit. And I am sick of hearing the whole WMD crap, as well. Not even the President believes that anymore. Lower gas prices were the whole reason I supported the war over there. If we can't start using that oil, we are gonna be screwed.

What good is it to take over a country if you can't use their resources? Half of the people in Iraq don't even own a car! Most of them just ride around in donkey-driven carts! What a waste. OPEC is stating that because crude oil is traded in US dollars, that it's member nations are bringing in lower revenues in oil. Jeez, that's too bad. I can see two possible fixes for this. The first is we simply claim Iraqi oil as ours. This will not only fix our problems at home with our immense debt, but will give us something new to sell abroad. The second is to start invading the OPEC nations and taking their oil, as well. Hey, if you're gonna be an asshole, be a BIG one!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Bush has attacked the Democrats for their desires to rescind the tax cuts that Bush had enacted in the last three years. These cuts will supposedly save the American taxpayers almost two trillion dollars over ten years, and are allegedly the reason the economy is going to well these days. The problem is, the tax cuts are gutting our economy by not feeding the immense deficit our great land has built up in the last three years. This deficit will grow to over $3 trillion in ten years, so that tax cut money would have come in handy.

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved getting that check in the mail a couple of years ago from the car tax, but I would have gladly gave it back if I knew what kind of condition our country would be in today. Don't let Bush blow smoke up your ass, the economy is not bouncing back permanently. It is just being dressed up for the elections. I personally have not seen that many additional jobs out there, and there has been alot of talk recently about international creditors questioning America's ability to pay off it's debt. This should be sending up big red flags in the Bush camp, but Dubya still believes that he did the right thing. This is what it usually boils down to: The Republicans cut taxes so the rich will vote for them. Then, when the economy is sufficiently dragged through the mud, the Democrats come back in and clean things up. Once things look good again, the Republicans start voting for their horses again, and we get screwed all over again. Don't believe me? Look back in recent history. Reagan's Supply Side Economics chewed the ass out of our economy, and Bush the First pulled us into the first war with Iraq. Clinton got into office and produced the longest sustained economic expansion in U.S. history. Finally, we had some money in our coffers to start paying off the crippling debt built up in the previous two administrations. But Dubya pissed it all away with tax cuts, and now we're in deep shit again. Will he get another term? Probably, with Dean being the only real hopeful on the Democrat side. But let's still pray. It's all we have left.

Consider it my little "faith based initiative".

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

This article paints a very depressing picture of the future of the US economy. It also gives us a little history lesson on what happens to countries that owe lots of money. As you may or may not know, in the last three years Dubya has turned a money surplus into a money debt that is so astronomical, invading Iraq may have been the only way to get out of it. I said from the beginning that the invasion was mostly a bid for control of Iraq's oil fields, but this article does a beautiful job of spelling it out. It is not very long, and quite informative. The next time you get into an argument with a conservative who states that we "had to invade Iraq", now you can agree. But they not like your reasoning, they seldom do.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

I know the previous post was a little disjointed, and that is no way to start the new year. Let's hope this one goes a little better. It seems like Halliburton, which had been making it's play for future overlords of the planet, has just screwed itself out of what could have been the most lucrative contract ever. Somehow, they thought they could fuck over the Pentagon by overcharging them for transporting oil into Iraq and get away with it. Now they completely screwed themselves over. Haha!

Happy New Year! We've finally made it to 2004 without blowing ourselves up, and I couldn't be more proud! In celebration, I have decided to throw up an interesting article on the very real possibility of Martian sabotage being the culprit for so many space probes disappearing while visiting our red neighbor. Why? I dunno. 2004 is like that. Sorry about that.