Sunday, December 07, 2003

Okay, I have found my new favorite band, Blaq! Although I can't find any info on them anywhere on the internet, don't think that is going to stop me, oh no! I forget where exactly I found these pictures, but let me tell you, they were certainly eye openers! I don't even know where to begin with these guys. Actually, maybe I do.

First of all, the bassist here reinforces the belief that the bass player is always the geekiest person in the band. I mean, come on! Couldn't he afford makeup like the rest of his mates? And that hairdo! All of these guys would undoubtedly get their asses kicked if they walked around in public like that, but they would probably use the bassist as the bludgeoning instrument. He kinda reminds me of Kenny G as well. That's not endearing me to him any further.

The guy with the pentagram on his forehead is obviously on heroin, to boot. They all look a little fucked up, but he really takes the burrito. I love the way most of his headshots show him staring into outer space while keeping his head tilted up so he looks like he might be thinking about something other than what the hell he did to end up in this band. Or when he can "fix" himself next. But considering how much he smiles, he may be the person most into dressing like fourteen year old LiveJournal writer.

The guy with the feather boa and the B.C. Rich guitar is the lead singer, I guess, simply because he is always in the forefront of the pics and he flips off the camera more than anyone else. He also apparently plays the keyboards. He's so talented! And those dayglo gloves he wearing? Pure genius! I swear to god, I'm dying to see these guys in concert. It would be a trip down memory lane, like the time I saw Poison and Ratt at the Cow Palace. Now, that was a show!

The drummer looks the most normal of the whole crew. If you took off his makeup and combed his hair, he could be the guy who helped you pick out a DVD player at Circuit City. Or works at your local Starbucks. The rest of the guys, though? Nothing but L.A. glam trash. Or they could be from Poland, now that I think about it. Is glam rock in over there?


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