Saturday, December 06, 2003

I guess we have been so occupied with terrorist attacks and the economy that we have ignored the real problem in our country. Yes, I'm talking about Christian Persecution. Apparently, the Christians are whining that the separation of church and state included their religion as well. The author of this article, David Limbaugh(who is a lawyer, by the way), has pieced together quite a little argument for himself in the only way a lawyer could: by circumstantial evidence and clouding the facts. He has written a whole book on this subject and even hints at a sequel. I can't wait!

His first example of religious persecution involves the Meriden Public Library in Meriden, Conn., which banned five paintings of Jesus Christ. The library had decided that pictures of Jews being crucified and in obvious pain were inappropriate for small children, saying that they could scare the little tykes. Limbaugh counters this by wondering why a library would think that a picture of "the One", who I thought was supposed to be Keanu Reeves, would be offensive. The guy is naked and streaming blood while hanging from his hands on a cross! Using this as a religious symbol has always confounded me, but much of Christianity has confounded me. Like encouraging cannibalism or considering sex evil. The rest of his examples point to students not being given scholarships to study divinity. What isn't mentioned is the fact that their grades, not their choices of majors, were instrumental in their not being given money by the state. Although, if I were on the board of Those Who Give Out Money, I wouldn't want to cough up thirty grand for someone to study Christianity either. That's what CCD is for, stupid! You would imagine textbooks would be pretty cheap, though. You only really need the one. The BIG one.

While this article just about made me spit up my Fruity Pebbles all over my keyboard, I guess I can understand where this guy is coming from. He's just thinking like most religious zealots do. If anybody wants to tone down the religious voices of some folks in the interest of letting everyone live their own life in peace, the vociferous ones always cry foul. And we all know how loud Christians can be. If it were the Hindus saying the same thing, the Christians would growl about false idols and teaching our children the wrong morals. And really, they would be right. If everybody would just keep their relationship with their gods personal, and not bring everybody else into it, we would all be in better shape. But this is not possible for some folks. We should concentrate on teaching our young tolerance, which would include shutting the fuck up every once in a while and listening to what our neighbors have to say.

Just a thought.


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