Monday, December 29, 2003

Howdy, folks. Christmas was pretty awesome for me, and I hope it was awesome for you. It snowed all Christmas day in Reno, so it was the first "white Christmas" I've witnessed in years. Very pretty. Okay, now that we've gone through the pleasantries, let's get to some really good news!

A federal appeals court has ruled that the subpoenas the RIAA has been using to reign in and convict individuals of music piracy are illegal. Yes, you read that right. ILLEGAL! What does this mean to those who have already fallen into the clutched of the RIAA? Well, nothing. They could still be held accountable for lots of money because of their piracy, but it means that the rest of us are free! So, swap on, my friends. The RIAA has lost it's teeth, and we can once again trade music illegally, thus destroying the music industry and making record executives poor.


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