Thursday, December 04, 2003

Christmas is just around the corner, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the winter wonderland that is San Jose. The Christmas lights are up, there is a light powdering of snow on the ground, and sleigh rides are to be enjoyed up and down Santa Clara Street. The only thing left to do is decide what we want for this joyous occasion. You know, maybe a TiVo, or perhaps that DVD/VCR combo down at Circuit City. While we all ponder over such things, let's not forget the soldiers in Iraq who, unfortunately, will not be able to celebrate with their loved ones.

And let's not forget who sent them there in the first place. President George W. Bush, who was so convinced that there was an imminent danger of weapons of mass destruction from this rogue state, that he just couldn't help but invade and topple Saddam's regime of terror. Now, I know that I had previously stated that I was pro-war at the onset of this debacle, and my reasoning was sound. I wanted to get cheaper gas. I was not convinced that WMDs were in Iraq, but it sounded like a good enough cover for a land grab, so I jumped on the bandwagon. Now, not only were there no WMDs, but gas hasn't gotten any cheaper, either. I feel screwed. And the REAL bitch about it is this; even though Iraq and Afghanistan blew up in his face, Dubya still is enjoying a 60% approval rating from the citizens of America. What the hell? This guy has got to be the worst president ever, but middle America thinks he is still doing okay?

Please, folks, lets make sure this guy doesn't get another chance at fucking up our country. It's not about Democrats and Republicans anymore, it's about getting Dubya out of office! He's Satan, and really, that's not what Christmas is all about. Except for the fact that Santa and Satan have names that are suspiciously close to one another.

By the way, this update didn't come from any sort of idea brewing in my head. I just kinda let it flow. Pretty hard to tell, isn't it?


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