Thursday, December 04, 2003

Apparently, this whole lawsuit thing the RIAA has going is making them money hungry. Now they have turned their Death Star beam on people who haven't even got computers to swap MP3's. Their latest target is 79 year old Ernest Brenot of Ridgewood, Washington. Apparently, Ernest is quite prolific in trading Eminem and Korn MP3's even though he does not own and can't really operate a computer. In fact, he sent in a handwritten note to the federal judge presiding over this case because of his apparent inability to use Microsoft Word in order to craft a letter of bafflement.

Yeah, right.

This is exactly the kind of crafty bullshit an accomplished filesharing guru would use as a front. "Oh, I'm too old and stupid to install Kazaa on my system and trade U2 and Vanilla Ice songs!" C'mon, now. We've heard that story before. Kudos to the RIAA for bringing these assholes to the forefront of the struggle, ensuring that record company executives can still pay for their country club memberships while the artists see nothing of the profits. I say pull their pension. That only seems fair.


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