Thursday, November 20, 2003

While all this attention has been pointed at Michael Jackson turning himself in to the authorities here in California, something decidedly more insidious is possibly going on at Neverland. Three teenagers from Oslo, Norway have "disappeared" while visiting Jacko at the ranch. Two youths were invited along to California by Jackson's Norwegian-Pakistani friend Omer Bhatti, 19. The ages and the names of these youths have not been released, but while the visit was only supposed to be for one week, the parents of these teens have not heard from them in four weeks now.

There is no mention of the police finding them during their raid of the Neverland Ranch earlier this week, but one would assume that if the youths were found there, they would have said something. The parents state that they are not concerned overtly about their children being sodomized by the bizarre pop star, but would like to at least talk to them. Yeah, right. By this time, I would have thought that Jacko had sucked their blood, amongst other things, and now has sequestered their corpses for some later ritual. But I tend to overreact.

Keep your eye on this site for further developments concerning this story. It could be juicy.


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