Thursday, September 11, 2003

It is now the second anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks and whatever really happened at the Pentagon(that was just for the German conspiracy nuts), and I've noticed something pretty nice. There are still almost as many American flags on cars driving around Silicon Valley as there were at the begining. I was completely convinced that within two months everybody would be pulling off the flags because they were "out of fashion". But I have been surprised by my largely self-serving neighbors; you will still see a flag on one out of every six cars or so, just no more people driving around in their pickups with the full-size flags, unfurled and majestic, streaming out behind them like some glorious redneck wet dream. People still fly their flags, as I do, hopefully in solidarity of all those poor people out there who gave their lives not only during that fateful day, but also in the ensuing military actions. They lost their lives, by choice or by consequence, because of their belief in the American way of life, and they should be honored for that.

But when Britany Spears tells us we should just back up Dubya 100% in all of his decisions, I want to smack her over the head with a nine iron.


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