Monday, August 25, 2003

Scott Peterson has been getting alot of bad press recently. With his wife Laci and unborn son missing for months and then found mutilated and floating in the San Francisco Bay recently, Scott was instantly thought of as being guilty. I, myself, had published my thoughts on this case, and had also pointed an accusatory finger at Scott. Well, not everyone is so quick to jump on the "he did it!" bandwagon. Scott has someone rooting for him in his corner, and he is a celebrity with some experience in the wife-killing department. Yes, I'm talking about O.J. Simpson.

O.J. recently told the press that he understands the troubles Peterson is going through, and he sends his sympathies. He explained that Scott playing golf on the day the remains found in the Bay were identified as his wife and son as a way of "getting away from the pain".
"Scott Peterson was out playing golf, and people were saying, 'What kind of guy is this. These may be his wife's remains and he's going to play golf,"' he said.
"Well, when I got home from Chicago the week Nicole was murdered, I wanted to get on a golf course. I wanted to get away from ... all the hurt, all the pain."

"I heard that Scott Peterson had $10,000 on him when he was arrested. Well, they said I had $10,000 when I was arrested, but I had $8 or something. You never hear about it when it proves untrue," he said.
Simpson blamed the media for creating the impression that Peterson was guilty.
"They created the impression that he was fleeing, so he's guilty," the former football star and actor said. "I'm not saying the he isn't, but I don't pretend to know."

I'm sure that Peterson's defense team is really happy that O.J. went on record to draw parallels between his case and Scott's. It will really help in the long run, I think.


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