Friday, August 01, 2003

I don't want to go all apeshit on this article(I'm working out a review of that time-honored classic Breakin' II, Electric Boogaloo), but I just wanted to mention that some of our troops are dying of a strange toxin while in Baghdad. This sickness has some interesting earmarks that point to WMDs, but the soldiers are just now contracting it. Stranger still, it seems to have it's origins with the 203rd Engineer Battalion, who had been stationed at the Baghdad International Airport recently. I know this sounds zany, but could it be posible that WMDs are being ferreted into Iraq for later "discovery"? Could one of the shipments have been damaged while being transported, and is now infecting our troops unlucky enough to have been on shift when the shipment arrived? A new Iraq conspiracy, just when I thought they were all over. Sweet!


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