Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Dennis Prager is an asshole.

Don't believe me? Well read this little editorial on what makes a liberal and bask in the seething hatred that will come over you when you are finished. His theory is that smart people become liberals because of naivete and narcissism. Liberals believe that all people are good at heart, so talking through problems, rather than killing people, is the way to address problems. Apparently Dennis thinks this is childlike behavior. Now, I don't really think of myself as a liberal per se, but I do think that talking through a problem first works best. I like to keep my gun by my side, not in my hand, when dealing with some issues. With Dennis I would make an exception. I understand that there are people in the world who won't listen to reason, but using force on all problems just helps to perpetuate that. If he thinks that war solves problems, let his next article explain what this last war with Saddam solved. I see alot of soldiers being killed in a war that is "officially" over and alot of pissed off Iraqis without food or water. But I am being fed my info from the conservative media, so I guess that is the best spin they could put on the clusterfuck going on in Iraq right now.

He further skips down that merry path of character assassination by saying, "The further left you go, the less you like growing up. That is one reason so many professors are on the left. Never leaving school from kindergarten through adulthood enables one to avoid becoming a mature adult. It is no wonder a liberal professor has recently argued that children should have the vote. He knows in his heart that he is not really an adult, so why should he and not a chronologic child be allowed to vote?" Ya, real mature, Poopyface!

His claims of narcissism are similar in tone. He suggests that liberals are so entwined in the luxuries of the first world that they no longer know the difference between right and wrong. The idea of letting a woman choose whether or not to have an abortion is egotistic. Likewise, liberals who want a clean separation of church and state are afraid of truth and the ideas of right and wrong. First of all, the reason that liberals want the decision of abortion put in the would-be mother's hands is because it's her fuckin' womb! You can't make choices about other people's bodies and you can't make up their minds for them. The reason that liberals want the Ten Commandments removed from public places is because there are other religions out there. Just because you believe all that bullshit, that doesn't mean you have the right to ram it down the rest of our throats. The way this guy goes on, he makes it sound like all conservatives are Christians. I happen to know alot of conservatives that are atheists. That kinda fucks up his argument.

I keep thinking that if this artice shows why smart people become liberals, then what makes people become elitist, born-again douchebags?


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