Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Will eating dogshit make you go blind? That is one of the pressing concerns for folks over in Auckland, New Zealand. The city council over there has supported the Sports Turf Institute's report stating that Bowser's fecal presents are a public health concern. "The main health risk is from ingesting faecal coliforms but the most serious potential hazard are parasites, including toxicaria, that can cause blindness in humans," said the institute's scientific manager, Dr Richard Gibbs. And after all those years doctors have been saying eating dog crap was good for you. I smell a class-action suit. Or I may have just stepped in something.

The real pisser of this article is the fact that there is a Sports Turf Institute in the first place. What the hell are they doing over there? I mean, once you have figured out that a freshly mown lawn is more attractive and you aren't supposed to eat dog doo, what do you do with the rest of the day. What kind of a resume do you need to enter the hallowed halls of this institution? I used to mow my parent's lawn for years, could I use the time spent doing this loathsome chore as credits? Seriously, I think New Zealand needs more important issues to deal with, like copulating with farm animals.


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