Thursday, July 03, 2003

The United States of America has decided to use strong-arm tactics to bully smaller countries into signing an agreement exempting US

troops from prosecution before the new UN international war crimes tribunal. Our fearless Commander In Chief has decided to stop

miltary aid to these countries if they actually vote their mind on this issue. What does this do to the US's international image? What

do you think? It's not like we're really liked anyway these days. But it really says something about the way we act while occupying

foreign lands when we seek to be free of possible prosecution permanently. Clinton signed the treaty for this new war crimes court, but

Dubya decided to nullify it, believing that it would make our troops subject to untrue, politically motivated accusations. Or, more

likely, factually based accusations involving the shooting of innocent civilians or invading countries based on bad or manipulated


The reason Clinton signed the treaty was to prove to the rest of the world that we weren't above the law. Justice comes to us all one

day. I guess Bush feels otherwise. What a great way to celebrate Independence Day, by declaring our independence from responsibility.


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