Monday, July 28, 2003

It seems that Chicago has finally got some musical taste. This weekend, Limp Bizkit played opener for Metallica at the Hawthorne race track in Stickney. Fans boo'ed when they came on stage and Fred Durst freaked out, hurling insults and waving his homophobia proudly like a banner that said "You take it up the butt!" Apparently, the tirade so disconcerted the audience that they fell silent. Too bad Durst didn't, as well. He continued to cast his derision on the denizens of Shytown and threatened all within earshot with an ass-whoopin'. After only twenty minutes of music(if you could call it music), the band left the stage, and Durst continued to be a jerk with a microphone backstage until someone took it away from him. Now, is that showmanship, or what?

I think the thing I like best about this article is the seething hatred for Limp Bizkit that oozes from every sentence. I guess this guy really took offence to the verbal reaming Fred gave to Chicago. Why be impartial? It's a review, for Christ's sake. If you were looking for a reason to hate these posers, viola.


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