Thursday, July 17, 2003

I am back to working full hours at my job, and I am thankful for that. Although sleeping in late definitely had it's advantages, there is something more rewarding about actually earning money. Times are tough in the good ol' US of A, but it could be worse. Just look at Australia. I know, nobody talks about the atrocious living conditions in this hard-scrabble region of the southern hemisphere. I, however, am not like nobody(?), I tell it like it is. Take this man's tale of woe. It's obvious that jobs are so hard to come by that the government placement agency would try to whore him out as a female prostitute. Now, those of you with weird sexual fetishes might be turned on by such a proposition, but most men would prefer to work as a male prostitute. You know, servicing women and all that. The life of a female prostitute, or escort, if you're into silly euphemisms, is seedy and desolate. The male prostitute however, or gigolo, lives a life of money and sex, sex and money. Now, how hot is that? I guess such an enticing life is in great demand "down under". Kinda makes you want to review your resume, doesn't it?


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