Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Considering my current employment status(read:basically none), I find it interesting that some other professions are harder to be able to get time off. You really have to go to extremes in order to take a day to do errands, or wait for the cable guy. In fact, the supermarket industry is apparently so hard to get time off, you literally have to go nuts in order to get a little of that sweet PTO. An employee of Albertson's in Irvine went all "American Ninja" on his coworkers when he was refused time off. He sliced and diced his way through the store this last Sunday morning, killing 2 and wounding 3 others before being brought down in a hail of gunfire. This man was, of course, sick in the mind. He had claimed to hear voices in his head telling him to do bad things. I know when the voices in my head start acting up, I just scream and sing the "Jetsons" theme until they go away. Maybe he should have taken this same route.

If we take anything from this story, let it be this: If there is a guy at your work who seems a little kooky, chances are he's going to chop you up with a samurai sword. At the very least, he probably masturbates to the thought of it.


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