Monday, June 02, 2003

Some unexpected good news has come about for this tiny corner of the Internet. Thanks to a 3-2 vote by the FCC, the rules governing media outlet ownership have bee relaxed greatly. What does this mean exaclty? Well, have you noticed how many radio stations sound identical to each other these days? That's because a couple of years ago the FCC had relaxed ownership laws on radio stations, allowing companies like ClearChannel to buy up radio stations like they were Pokemon cards. They then simply broadcast one show from New York or LA and give it local bumpers. Now the same show is broaddcast to every major city that has a station ClearChannel owns. This greatly affects record sales, as only songs and bands approved by these large media corporations make it onto their playlists. The end result is that the only songs youu are likely to hear are the songs that they want you to hear. You are now a puppet of big business.

Now they have been given the green light to do the same thing to TV, newspapers, and God knows what else. It used to be illegal to own every media outlet in town, but not anymore. The world is starting to look more and more like Max Headroom, where one channel controlled all news and entertainment. This could mean the end for UPN, but nobody watched that anyway.

Why is this good news for me? I have now joined a fairly exclusive club called independent news sources. Thanks to this ruling, I will probably get alot more viewers looking for a different slant on current events and the like. Of course, it will all be my own spin, so it will be as biased as ClearChannel, but my reporting tries to be funnier. At least there's that.


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