Wednesday, June 25, 2003

How The Web Can Kill You!

Let's face it, there's alot of crap on the internet. With ten thousand sites about Pound Puppies and enough online casinos to put Atlantic City out of business, the Web tends to be more like a cesspool than a melting pot of ideas. Every once in a while, though, you will find a gem of a page that really helps you. These websites are the reason that Al Gore created the internet. You get answers, not sales pitches, and you can go with life. Or go about hanging yourself. Apparently, this woman decided that dealing with the pain of her grandmother's passing away was too much to live with. She went on a suicide website, learned how to commit suicide by hanging, and went ahead and finished her project. Now her father wants all suicide websites to be removed from the net due to their "dangerous" nature.

Here's where we get into strange territory. Was it really impossible to consider that this obviously unbalanced woman wouldn't have done herself in were it not for the information she gleaned from this site? I mean, it was her grandmother, and while I can understand that the granddaughter-grandmother relationship can be very close, I also know that grandmothers, by their very definition, are already way past their "sell by" date. Glom on to the yournger relatives, dufus. Can we really hold websites such as this accountable for the use of their information? Even suicide societies don't like to be affiliated with such "self help" sites. “When someone’s in the grips of a mental illness like depression, they’re not able to think rationally,” says the Hemlock Society’s Julian Rush. “This kind of unbridled freedom in this area can lead to a lot of abuse.” Goths have all the answers, don't they? And what the hell is "unbridled freedom" supposed to be, anyway?

All I can get out of this article is that someone who was very sad killed themself. I don't see how a lawsuit is going to prove anything other than the deceased was not well. Stop trying to deflect the responsibility and let her rest.


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