Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Have you heard of the Star Wars Kid? This hilarious video has been maiking the rounds on the net for a couple of months now. Apparently, some kid filmed himself with his school's video camera doing his best Darth Maul impersonation. If he had erased the footage, we would not be having this post. Fortunately, he forgot all about the cassette, left it in the camera, and now the internet community has something else to poke fun at for a couple of weeks. There was a fund drive recently to raise money for an iPod for this young Padwan Learner, and at the time of this post, the pot is now at $4300. That's alot of money for being a geek.
But what is the price of fame? Although "Star Wars Kid" got signed lightsabers, free software, t-shirts, and more than $4000, he feels embarrassed by the publicity. He has been written about many times by both the mainstream media and internet discussion forums, and not all of it has been kind, as you could assume by watching the video. His parents have decicded that the sudden onrush of infamy is disruptive to their young warrior, and they are pursuing legal avenues. I think the lesson learned by this kid, even more important than how to lift a X-wing fighter out of a swamp using only the Force, is this: Don't film yourself being a dork. Yoda couldn't have said it better.


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