Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The readers of Q Magazine were asked to list their favorite albums. The result was the insultingly lame Q Magazine's Greatest 100 Albums of All Time. While I can understand some of the entries, I have quite a few gripes about the bulk of them.

1. Eminem holds two of the top twenty positions.
2. Nirvana holds the number one position.
3. Oasis is on the list in the first place.
4. The same goes for The Strokes.
5. Linkin Park?!

I can only imagine the demographic that this periodical targets. Reading lists like this, and there are many every year, shows that nobody gets the idea of lists like this. The questions is "what are the greatest albums of all time", not just what you like right now. In two years, do you think that the White Stripes or Badly Drawn Boy will even be on this list? MTV likes to do their 100 Greatest Videos of All Time every year, and it is always the videos that came out that year and "Thriller". They have turned the phrase into something more like "The 100 Greatest Albums in My 100 Disc CD Changer".
In the past I can remember "Sports" by Huey Lewis and The News being on this list. Also "Breakfast In America" by Supertramp. Even "My Radio" by LL Cool J has made the list. Now the list sports every CD Radiohead has ever released and Manic Street Preachers, whom I've never even heard of. Just stop making these lists every few months. Let's try to keep it to once every ten years or so, then it will actually have some relevance.


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