Monday, May 19, 2003

I have to admit something. I have gained quite a few pounds since my decision to quit smoking. We're talking about forty pounds or so, depending on the day. While this would be great if the gain was constituted of muscle, sadly, my weight is in the form of regular, run-of-the-mill fat. I have been working on what could be the perfect diet for me. I am relatively new at this whole dieting thing, considering I have been a stringy sunovabitch for most of my life. I also have the added issue of introducing alot of red meat into my diet, courtesy of my indoor griller. So, I have to try and lose some of the weight, but I have no experience with diets. I felt like I might finally take the dive into the wonderful world of weight loss. The "No Carb" diet has worked for some of my friends, and so has the "Meth Amphetamine" diet. Neither one seemed that appealing. But now I have discovered an "All Liquid" diet that I can adjust to. 47 pints of Guinness may be hard to choke down every day, but think of the health benefits. I just hope sleeping off a drunk burns calories.


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