Thursday, May 15, 2003

Have you been paying any attention to the crap going on down in Texas with the Democratic legislators going into hiding because of a GOP-backed redistricting plan for the state? They wish to block a vote that will lose the Democrats five seats in the Texas legislature. While running away from the problem rarely solves it, you gotta hand it to these legislators for being ballsy. They are certainly putting their jobs in jeopardy by pulling such a childish prank. I wish I had thought of it first. But this story has a darker side. Let me explain.
The nefarious Republicans have sent out that most menacing of govermental arms, America's very own Gestapo, the Homeland Security Department, to round up the rebels and make them vote. Now, maybe I'm just uninformed, but wasn't the HSD(my acromyn, if you want to start using it, just send me a check) set up to find international terrorists? Weren't we assured that the HSD(once again, mine. Hands off!) would never be used for domestic political purposes? It's very telling when what is supposed to be a nonpartisan counterterrorist agency is used to hunt down Texas Democratic lawmakers and force them to vote. When democrats are finally allowed to run this country again, which will not be in my lifetime, can we use this instrument of evil to force the Republicans to vote for enviromental bills? Will this arm of law enforcement be utilized to wipe out the Green Party?

Just to be safe, I'm working on getting my Irish citizenship. If Dubya gets another term, then you will be reading these posts from all the way across the world. Then I will have changed my views on the whole Iraq war. I'll probably have an accent, too.
Oh, and shouts out to my sister Margo, who got this whole citizenship thing rolling. I'll see you on the Emerald Isle, sis!


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