Monday, April 28, 2003

What was the best show this weekend that you didn't hear about? It was theTexas Thieves/East Bay Chasers/Fabulous Disaster show at the El Rio in SF on Saturday night. I had a chance to talk to Fozzie, the singer for Texas Thieves, just before their gig. He went on and on about how much they had enjoyed their local tour with The Cliftons a couple of weeks ago. These bands are obviously in love with each other, and after watching this show at the El Rio, I could understand why. These bands were carved from the same tree. Although their styles are a little different, their energy and enthusiasm are the same.

The Thieves took the stage at about 10 o'clock and ripped it up for the whole set. They never let the throttle fall back even a bit. The only complaint I had was the short duration of their set, a mere half hour. Their second song was their rendition of "Gas Chamber" by the Angry Samoans. I love it when bands cover the Samoans. The next song they did was a tune called, "Born To Bleed", which is about self-mutilation. Some would claim that a song covering such a subject would be in poor taste, but it was tactfully done. I used to date a girl who had this prbloem, and the song brought the whole issue into focus for me. Thank you, Texas Thieves, you did what four years of therapy couldn't. They even did a song about a murderer finding victims onCraig's List, which shows the imagination and creativity these guys use to write their songs. There was another short segue where Fozzie publicly admired Pete's chest. It was a little on the homoerotic side, but Fozzie likes to walk the line. I saw Billy Bob Clifton in the small crowd, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that these two bands really make an effort to support each other. I've said this before, but if more bands did this, then more local bands would have longer runs playing the local clubs. Far too many bands are written off because of a lack of draw. Some of these bands are really good, but only attract the ear of other musicians. It is also nice to see two bands from two scenes doing their best to help each other out in new cities. This is what the scene should be all about. It doesn't have to be about competition. The fans don't want to see one good band, but several good bands linked together like a string of pearls. You can insert your own "pearl necklace" joke here.

In short, it was a great show. It was small, but sometimes the small shows are the best ones. And thanks for the interview, Fozzie.


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