Monday, April 14, 2003

What do you do with spent chickens? By spent, I mean chickens that no longer lay eggs. If you are running a chicken farm, spent chickens are a drain on your food stockpile. They no longer are busy doing that you have raised them to do. You could eat them, I guess, but what if they had been quarantined because of a poultry virus? Now you have a real problem on your hands. You can't just sell them off for slaughter, and it would take all day to chase them around with a sledgehammer. Logic concludes that your best bet at taking care of this situation is feeding them to a wood chipper. Although the Humane Society was understandably pissed by this thoughtless action, the farmers were in fact given permission by the Agriculture Department. I expect that exterminating scores of chickens in this way may have been fun in a Fargo kind of way at first, but would have gradually become more and more macabre as the day wore on. And, really, what do you do with the scraps?


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