Friday, April 04, 2003

People sometimes ask me, "Taco, what has made you, an exciting and hilarious person, decide to transfer that same precociousness to an online journal?" They usually ask me this while trying to glom on to me at the many social engagements I try to attend, or more often after a night of wild passion. I tell them that I have had this talent for writing percolating in my veins for many years. It has remained there, unbridled, for far too long, and I have had dreams where God has chastised me for not giving more to the people. One day, while surfing the web for porn, I came upon a site that, while having a name suggestive of pornographic material, actually consisted of some of the funniest articles I had ever read. They ran the gamut from bad movie reviews to bizarre scripts involving Star Wars action firgures. Since my blog's first anniversary is on Sunday(hold on for one hell of a post, kids!), I have decided to honor x-entertainment on it's third anniversary. Isn't that convenient? Matt has spent considerable time and effort to bring his readers content that will make you laugh, maybe even cry, but always, ALWAYS, make you think. The one thing I usually think is, "Is this guy on dope?" He has watched some of the most horrible movies imaginable, has spent literally hundreds of dollars at the 99 Cent Store, and has narrowly avoided Toxic Shock Syndrome with his choices of costumes during Halloween, all for his readers. I can only dream of having that motivation to entertain my fans, and he doesn't even know his! I know all of my readers on a first-name basis.

I can only imagine what his creative sessions are like. Mine consist mostly of drinking a few beers, opening up an entry window, and praying that inspiration strikes before I have to go to bed. More often than not, inspiration leaves me for Matt, and he writes an article on the Honeycomb Hideout while I watch Cops and fall asleep. He also has never fallen on that tired old standby of using current events to pad his posts, and I subsist on this gimmick like it was ramen. Jealous, yes. But still, give him a read. And if you feel like it, come back here once in a while. I'm not going anywhere. Unfortunately. (sigh)


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