Tuesday, April 15, 2003

The new buzz around town is that Laci Peterson's remains have been found washed up near Point Isabel. One day before, the body of a fetus, with the umbilical cord still attached, had washed up about a mile away. While the authorities are reluctant to positively identify the body as Laci's, most likely so certain other parties don't decide to flee to a third-world country that doesn't have extradition laws, I can't think of any other pregnant women who have disappeared in the Bay Area recently. Now, if the psychics are are right, and it seems that they have been so far, Scott Peterson will commit suicide in a hotel room in the very near future. Let's all hope.

This horrible little drama that has played out in our backyards just keeps getting darker and darker. I really feel for the woman who made the grisly discovery yesterday. Can you image stumbling upon a body like that while you're out screwing around in the park? How gritty! I guess the discovery of a corpse is unpleasant in any case, so I don't know where I think I was going with this line of thought. Let's move on. I wish there was something funny to say about this story, but there really isn't. The killer has been allowed to walk free and generally behave creepily for far too long. Now maybe we shall get a chance at some sort of closure to this case. Then I can safely move on to the next local murder mystery. They are starting to pile up, nad I only rented the "Mystery Machine" for a few days.


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