Thursday, April 24, 2003

I saw Regulator and The Cliftons last night at the Voodoo Lounge. Although there wasn't a big turnout, Billy Bob puked all over himself right in front of me, so that really made the show. There were quite a few people there who have never seen The Cliftons before, so watching their reactions to vomit was priceless. I have come to the belief that the Voodoo Lounge is not the right venue for a band like this. Not only is the stage way too high, but it sorely lacks the kind of "punk band club" feeling that most places around here have. The place was loaded with the usual suspects, but I have a feeling that most people were there for a Cliftons show, and probably left right after they played. I know I did. I really wanted to see Regulator because they rock, but it was getting really late. The best part of the show: watching the bouncers mop up the puke at the end of the show.


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