Sunday, March 23, 2003

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, this weekend has been pretty busy for the staff of Intellectual Excrement(which is only me, but I love using the word "staff" in regards to this blog); there were shows, parties, and the deflation and subsequent re-inflation of tires. Let's start with Friday.
I was sitting down with a beer when Jonny yelled through my window that The Feathers were playing a free show with Fancy Hair Dragon down at the Palm Circles. While we missed Fancy Hair Dragon, I'll have to assume it rocked. That's what they do. The Feathers came out and sounded great. They were a little more animated than last time, and ripped through their set list as the Circles grew darker and darker. I love free shows, and this one was unique in the fact that it was a good show to boot.
Later in the evening was a show at the new Blank Club with Bodies In The Basement. The first band was Killer's Kiss. This band was all a rock band should be. The lead singer definitely has spent some time singing in the mirror, because he had the facial contortions of a seasoned rocker. All the songs were really catchy as well. It was a shame no one saw this band, they really put out the effort to play a great show, but there were maybe ten people in the club when they took the stage. They keyboardist reminded me of the girl in "Amelie", so if you read this Charlie, you might want to catch them the next time they play. Next up was a band from Seattle that I can't remember the name of. Isn't that great? They rocked, and the bassist is from Zeke. That's all I know. Bodies In the Basement filled out the night, but I didn't get to watch them play because I was busy letting the air out of Miros' tire so she wouldn't drive home drunk. Of course, she didn't try to drive anyway, and I spent Saturday morning pumping her tire back up with a small bicycle pump while being heckled by the homeless patrons of the mission next door.
Later in the afternoon I went to Gabe's 5th birthday party. It was a kid party, so it wasn't rocking, but I gave him a great Mobile Suit Gundam robot that he dug, and that made me feel better. I also got a chance to hang out with Gabe's father for a little while, and it was nice to catch up with him. Talking with Rob brought up images of him riding around in circles on a bike, on a stage, with a turban on his head and throwing newspapers around. I know this sounds bizarre, yet I have videotape of exactly this scene. But I digress.
The real meat of the weekend came with a Cliftons/Texas Thieves show at Club 4. This show demonstrated the drawing power of this dynamic duo. First up was Invisible Enemies, whom Angel said sucked, but he worked with the guitarist. I don't agree, they were pretty good. Their songs weren't great, but they were good, and sometimes that's all you can ask for.The Texas Thieves tore it up. Fozzie was all over the place, keeping the crowd happy. Even though he was making alot of San Jose jokes, I guess I can ignore that if he continues to perform well. The Enimies had performed an Angry Samoans cover, which is more of a Texas Thieves thing, but the Thieves answered with one of their own. I was almost expecting every other band to follow suit, but it wasn't meant to be. I missed the third band, so I have nothing to say about them. Lastly, The Cliftons came on. These guys were seriously drunk by the time they went on, but it didn't stop them from rocking the house. Jonny pissed all over the bathroom in what I could only assume was a fugue state, and I was a little ticked off about that, but I instantly forgave him when they began to play. In the midst of a hail of hotdogs and beer, they threw themselves into their performance. Billy Bob marched around the pit with a megaphone, screaming the lyrics and providing an interactive slant to the show by allowing some of the audience to sing as well. This club was ill prepared for this kind of a draw, considering that most of the beer they had on tap was gone by the time The Cliftons came on. We resorted to throwing some pretty expensive suds on the band. I was throwing pints of Guiness, which is a sacrilege for the Irish, but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and do things you normally wouldn't do. It was a Cliftons show, after all.
I was sad that Tom and Karen didn't come, although they said they would. You guys missed a great show. Ted missed it too, but I already told him about it, and I'm sure he is kicking himself for buying such a crappy car that it takes a service mechanic two weeks to fix it. I have one word for you, Ted:Toyota.

Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell. I'm sure you enjoyed the vicarious thrills within this post. At least, that's what I keep telling myself when I type this shit. Next week:more of the same.


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