Thursday, March 20, 2003

The war has started. We have already began our campaign against Saddam and we are going to kick his ass. But there is a problem much closer to home that needs to be addressed: Asshole protesters blocking traffic in San Francisco.
You bunch of conceited jerks. Just because you took the day off from work or, more likely, don't have a job to begin with, you think it is your right to keep others from going to work and earning money to feed their families? Do you really think that when everybody is stuck in the huge traffic clusterfucks you have created that they are imagining a world without war, or are they fantasizing about running you over? I know that for me, it would be the latter. If the California deficit weren't bad enough, you have decided to screw it up a little more by keeping people from getting to their jobs and helping out our local economy a little. Now it is the taxpayers that have to shell out the additional cash to pay for the cops that now have to work twelve-hour shifts in order to keep you stupid asses out of the street. Did you think this was a good idea? Did this work the last time we went to war? Think hard. Did George Bush I say, "I know we have Saddam on the run, but the stinky hippies have blocked traffic on Market Street in San Francisco, so we are going to pull out of this unjust war immediately. Just don't let them touch me. Have you smelled them? What on Earth is that? Patchouli? Is that some sort of drug?" No, he didn't. I know that this is a democracy, and everybody has a right to their beliefs. Here's mine: The next time one of you jumps in front of a car to stop the war, I think the driver should be allowed to mow you down. Did you think about the enviroment when you came up with this plan? There seemd to be alot of cars idling and shooting carbon monoxide into the atmosphere while you were playing grab-ass in the intersections. Did you think about the children? With the budget being so tight that teachers are being laid off, I would have thought that the remaining money in our budget should have been allocated to education, not to paying for all these additional cops shooing you onto the sidewalk.

I honestly believe that most of you think that you can effect change by disrupting the economy, and you may be right. But pick your tagets with a little more assiduity(look it up). If you wan to teach someone a lesson, go to FLorida. They are the ones who voted Bush into office, or are too stupid to vote correctly, in the first place. Texas would be another favorite for protests. I don't know one person who voted for Bush in this area, yet we have to deal with all the unemployed idealist assholes out there. As if Critical Mass weren't bad enough, now we have you. If you want to really help the opposition, jump off the Golden Gate like this guy.


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