Monday, March 31, 2003

This weekend was pretty unremarkable. I helped Tom and Karen move into their new house(which is really nice), but other than that, I really did nothing.
Somehow, our troops managed to shoot up a truck carrying women and children, killing seven. This was most likely a decoy, as the Iraqis know that our troops are wound up after the suicide attacks this weekend. Of course, this is going to further fuel the fires of anti-Americanism throughout the world. This is unavoidable when you fight with an enemy who uses civilians as sheilds, as the Iraqis are. The world doesn't take this into account. They like to hate us way too much to be convinced that this war is neccessary. Well, I've got two words for them: Fuck you. You're not getting your way, and it makes you mad. I can understand that, we Americans are the same way when we don't get our way. That's why we have the largest army in the history of the world. Now, we can ALWAYS get our way! The bully factor worked well on the playground, and it translates well in the real world, too. I know this sounds unfair, but what is? The world is the way it is because that's the way things are. Fairness is a concept best left to board games. Justice is indeed blind. If your army was the biggest, you would be behaving in exactly the same manner. We Americans are drunk with power, but it's fun to be drunk. You could always move here and join the party, or stay at home and be mad that you aren't invited. I don't really care what the rest of you think. You are all small countries that could be annexed at any time by the devils in the U.S. Think about that when you start talking your shit about us. Once we have taken over Iraq, who knows who will be next to feel our wrath? Could be France, could be Germany, could be anywhere.

I know this post is very antagonistic, but I'm just sick and tired of hearing people talk shit about our country. If you don't like it, then leave. We should be focusing our energy on supporting our troops, who are dying in a strange land defending the American way. Which apparently includes taking over oil fields for fun and profit.


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