Thursday, March 27, 2003

There are many ways to fight a war. You should be resolved to use whatever force is necessary to prevail and eventually emerge victorious. This could mean the use of biological weapons if things escalate to that level. Let's face it, war is Hell. But, there is one weapon that you must only use in the most extreme of situations. Friends, I'm talking about fasting and prayer. This insidious combination is a virtual one-two punch to those pesky Islamic heathens, bringing us to the end of this war as the clear winner. There is no God but Allah, huh? Let's see what Jehovah has to say about that. When I read stuff like this, I get the feeling that maybe our government is trying to fulfill the prophesies for the endtimes deliberately. Here I thought that this war was solely for oil and an end to the upsetting economic slump our country is going through. Now it seems that there are some dark religious undertones to this campaign. I feel cheated!

I'm sorry for the air of levity in regards to this important subject, but if I didn't laugh, I would cry. I hate crying, unless I'm watching "Magnolia", then it's okay.


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