Tuesday, March 11, 2003

It's nice to know that there are still some enterprising individuals out there. It sometimes seems that the "go get 'em" attitude of the previous generations is lost on our kind. If you want to make some money, then make it! Don't let doubt, fear or law interfere with your goals of wealth!
This is one of the reasons that while I love New York City with all of my heart, I also fear it like I feared the dark up until a couple of months ago. There are things out there, you see. I hear them stratching at my window late at night. Anyway, the last thing I want to think about when I am ready to fall asleep is that my landlord wants to kill me in order to rent out my apartment for more money. This is not the kind of landlord to call when there is a plumbing problem, for instance. When he shows up at your door with a plumber's wrench, you don't know if he is going to use it on the pipes or your head. The only thing that this article doesn't cover is what the rent was, and if the victims stayed in the building. I mean, if it was really low, would you honestly leave a $1100/month apartment over something like this? Not in New York, you wouldn't. And maybe the new landlord will be nicer. That would make it a more pleasant place to live.
Also, a suggestion to the victims; change your locks. I would if I were you, but I'm a little paranoid. I guess you are now, as well.
Here is my favorite excerpt from this article: "The attackers were arrested on attempted murder charges and told police that Basagoitia promised them $2,500 to kill the brothers, said Patrick Clark, a spokesman for prosecutors.
Basagoitia told authorities he only wanted the men to be injured."
This guy is all heart. God bless you, slumlords of Queens, wherever you are!


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