Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I hate it when there are news articles that I can't decipher. Not poorly written artcles, which I usually ignore, oh no. I'm talking about stories that are so bizarre, so out-of-left-field, that it seriously makes my head hurt to try to make heads or tails of them. The lucky few of these involve celebrities. Kids, I have found one of these, and I'm am reaching for the Advil right now. Let's take a peek at the headline. "Don Johnson denies cash stash". Not the Don Johnson. Say it ain't so! Well, I can neither confirm nor deny this accusation, since every time I read it, I'm half convinced that I am really dreaming it. If you look at it, you'll know what I mean. This is even more weird than the "Tom Wopat Refuses To Fill Up In Manhattan" story I commented on a couple of weeks ago. What makes this even more unreal is the sense of irony that hits you in the head like a piano. Wouldn't this be the kind of crime that Johnson, as Sonny Crocket, would have investigated on Miami Vice?
Now, close your eyes (no peeking!), slap yourself hard across the face, and open your eyes again. Are you still reading this blog? See what I mean? We're not sleeping! This is no dream, this is the horribly whacked-out world we have created. There are layers of strangeness interwoven into the fabric or our reality that are simply too "out there" for most of us to comprehend. I get alot of shit for believing in UFO's, but with this sort of thing going on, and not getting front page treatment, how could you ridicule me?


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