Monday, March 17, 2003

How fucked is this? Paypal, which is in itself evil, has gone one more step into Luciferian practices with their decision to end their business realationship with, a site I encourage you to visit regularly. Alternate news media is under attack this day, my fellow patriots, and we will be blinded if we don't act. I thought that at least the Internet would give me some real news that was untainted by big business interest or false patriotism. Now the companies that rely on this medium are biting the hand that feeds them in order to toe their particular party line. I bought a shortwave radio just in case.

This leads us to a question that seems deceptively simple at first: What is patriotism? Can you answer this question? Can your boss answer this question? Does their answer satisfy you? If you work for Paypal, ask yourself these last two questions over and over again until the answer is "No!" I hate to employ the tactics of the "enemy", but there are certainly a lot of sheep out there, and I want my own flock. Paypal is the preferred money exchange service of the online porn industry. This would seem to include bestiality and child porn, social blights on our world that are supported, nay, even encouraged by these sorts of lamprey eel-like businesses. So fucking a horse or a six-year-old child is okay, but opposition to Geogre W. Bush's foreign policy is atrocious?

Paypal has had a long-standing boycott on their services from disgruntled Ebay users. I see no better time to rise up in solidarity with these people and put a stop to unfair business practices against those who dare to question our fearless leader, who is an admitted cokehead(reformed), than right now. Rise up! Rise up! Lazarus! Lazarus? Wakey-wakey! Hey, he didn't even flinch! He looks white, too. EEEEWWWWW! This guy is dead!
The preceding is only minutely funny to Christians, and not funny at all to all other persuasions. But I found it a laugh riot! LOL!

I'm sorry. Please excuse my outbursts, I am not at all well.


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